SmartScoring provided services for local championships in Acrobatics, Aerobics Gymnastics and Trampoline.

08 December 2017

As always, Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation always keeps athletes and fans of this sport busy and draws their attention with exciting competitions. Hence, Baku Acrobatic Gymnastics Championship among Age Categories Azerbaijan, Baku Aerobic Gymnastics Championship among Age Categories Azerbaijan and Baku Trampoline Gymnastics, Tumbling Championship among Age Categories Competitions’ Program, held throughout December sixth to seventh, had truly become a holiday present for all fans and athletes as well.

SmartScoring, as it already became a tradition, provided scoring and time management services during mentioned competitions. Providing services on the highest level possible, SmartScoring also organized special video support of the events. This appears particularly important, as considering the predominance of participants being of young age, for majority of first time spectators these were a sport they fell in love with.

In order to support progressive development of sports movement in Azerbaijan, SmartScoring has initiated an online platform, on which viewers can watch online streaming of sporting events. At the same time, viewers can access the archive videos of previous sporting events.