European Youth Olympic Festival

21 June 2017

July 17th, Gyor, Hungary.

The upcoming European Youth Olympic Festival, organized with the support of European Olympic Committee under the supervision of International Olympic Committee. This will be the 15th Summer Festival by sequence, which will be hosted in the beautiful city of Gyor, Hungary. European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF) is a biennial sport event for young athletes from the 48 member countries of the association of European Olympic Committees.

With great pleasure and honor, SmartScoring would like to announce the start of official partnership with EYOF. SmartScoring will be providing exclusive scoring and time management services for this distinguished event. The event promises to become a truly great experience for our team. SmartScoring always takes such international events particularly seriously.

Historically European Youth Olympic Festival was the first continental multisport event, preceding European Games. Currently it presents a serious of Olympic competitions among young athletes of 12 - 18 years old.

As always, European Youth Olympic Festival, being an international event - appears as strategically crucial happening for SmartScoring. Our team hopes to meet all expectations and enhance capabilities.