FIG Artistic Gymnastics Individual Apparatus World Cup AGF Trophy

18 March 2018

Once again, the FIG Artistic Gymnastics Individual Apparatus World Cup AGF Trophy, which this year had been held in Baku, Azerbaijan, throughout March 15 – 18, had drawn the attention of international gymnastics community to Azerbaijan. The competition, organized by Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation, are seeing the third instalment in the capital of our country. And as always, time and scoring services had been handed to SmartScoring. Receiving the request from Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation appears as source of honor for SmartScoring, as it proves the great quality of previously delivered services.

The competitions presented some serious challenges for SmartScoring, as they were organized on a larger scale, with male and female competitions, with preliminary and intense final competitions, testing the scoring team’s capacity. Nevertheless, despite the apparent tense and highly responsibility entrusted upon SmartScoring, the team managed to meet all expectations.

In addition to above highlighted time and scoring management services, SmartScoring also provided video presentation services. With this services. For organizers the presence of interesting video presentation, means making their own event spectacular and unforgettable. In order to support progressive development of sports movement in Azerbaijan, SmartScoring has initiated an online platform, on which viewers can watch online streaming of sporting events. At the same time, viewers can access the archive videos of previous sporting events.