SmartScoring is ready for Youth Olympic Games Qualifying Competition in Artistic Gymnastics.

13 June 2018

In the capital, on June 23, Youth Olympic Games Qualifying Competition in Artistic Gymnastics will be held.

Always the same as the organizing supporter of the tournament is SmartScoring.

As with other events, the company will also carry out some operations within this tournament.

The company intends to bring together all its strengths for competitions to take place on June 23. High level of coverage is one of the key factors of SmartScoring.

So accurate counting of scores, video services, as well as live broadcasting of the event for the fans in their company's official account are key business principles of SmartScoring during the tournament.

SmartScoring wishes success to all athletes during Sports Gymnastics Classification Competitions which will take place on June 23 and wish our nation a decent win.