SmartScoring’s Shooting Star award!

16 April 2018

Being a Global partner of UEG SmartScoring keeps on looking for ways to put the gymnasts in the spotlight. We have launched a new motivation program for the athletes: SmartScoring’s Shooting Star award! This award will be given to one male and one female gymnast at each European Championships. This award will go to a gymnast who doesn’t necessarily score the highest marks but stands out because of an exceptional performance, a remarkable comeback from injury, etc. The winners will be chosen by a selection committee consisting of SmartScoring, the UEG President, Director and Media Manager.

First time it was presented last week at the 26th European Championships in Trampoline Gymnastics in Baku. Cristina Sainz, senior trampoline gymnast from Spain and Oscar Smith, senior trampoline gymnast from Sweden were selected as winners. Remarkable stories of these gymnasts became a reason for this selection.

Christina Sainz:
Christina, now 27 years old, has been a promising trampoline gymnast since the beginning and a steady international competitor for Spain for the last 15 years. The economic crisis starting in 2008 hit her home region around the city of Albacete in the south-east of Spain very hard. The regional government was forced to shut down the high-level training center of the trampoline gymnasts and Cristina’s long-time coach returned to his home country Colombia. Being a fighter who never gives up, Cristina decided to do everything to continue her trampoline career. Together with her team mate Jaime Ponce she searched a new training venue. Since finding a basic gym hall she is now not only training there herself, but also running the club and coaching! And on top of this triple job she is a mother and little Tiago certainly also is keeping her busy! Christina, we wish you the best of luck for all these ambitious tasks in the future!

Oscar Smith:
Already since a young age the now 26-year-old Oscar stood out as being the most motivated kid. Even though being told that the training group was already full, he begged his way in and since then it was difficult to remove him from the trampoline. When he got older unfortunately several serious injuries struck his career. He missed the major competitions in 2013 and 2014, but managed to fight his way back to a good comeback in 2015. Disaster followed with another injury in 2016, which sidelined him again for most of the year. The audience was surprised about his remarkably well comeback at the Swedish national championships in 2017. He earned his place in the national team for the World Championships 2017 and now he is here in Baku! Oscar, you are a true stand-up-doll! Please remain healthy in future!

SmartScoring team wishes both of you good luck and a lot of victories in the future.